Working Days in Baku!

November 5, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are well. I’ve spent the last two days hard at work in Baku. I hired a driver yesterday to go to some of the stores located out of the way because it’s easier and much better for timing than trying to hail a cab outside of the downtown area. In the afternoon for lunch, I had Plov and scarfed it down I was so hungry and it was so delicious. Rice in the middle of the plate, surrounded by a mix of spinach, onions, lamb chunks, and spices.

During a meeting yesterday, I drank tea and ate some interesting fruits. I was shown Azerbaijan Hospitality. One of the fruits was small and green on the outside, pale yellow on the inside. When I ate it I was forced to make one of those “ooo this is so sour/disgusting” faces one has no control over. The fruit was sour and also had a slight hint of taste like medicine my mom gave me when I was little, like chewable tylenol or something. After that I stuck to the grapes.

In the evening, I worked out alongside Azerbaijan’s mixed wrestling team because they go to the gym at my hotel. These guys were Huge! Not sleek, but obviously very strong people and nice. Some of the men complimented my fitness and didn’t bother me otherwise so that was very cool.

This morning, I had a big meeting and gave a presentation that I think went well. In the afternoon, I had another meeting with a lady who made me eat so much food. She made me eat everything on my plate. More Azerbaijan Hospitality. She has a strong Russian accent (very stereotypical – I thought it was endearing because she sounded just like one of my best friends’ moms) and when I met her, she took my arm and held it as we walked up to the cafe.

Now I’m packing up to head to Tbilisi tomorrow afternoon!!! Very exciting.

Love, Annie


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