Intro to Baku II

November 3, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are well. I had a nice day in Baku. 20131103_132203Today I slept kind of late and then went to a supermarket to try to get a little work done too. The supermarket power went out but no big deal! I had a flashlight! 🙂 I was the only one with a flashlight and helped others find things they needed at the store. I got most of the work done, but might have to go back for a bit tomorrow or tuesday. 20131103_141605After the market, I headed to the Old Town, which was really cool.  While it is really nice looking, I’m not sure which parts are actually old, and which parts are new and made to look old because some of the structures are clearly are constructed to look old. In the second picture, you can see the old and the very new in this city.


At the old city, I ate some food at a local restaurant. A guy at a nearby table helped to order (okay, ordered for me) because he was the only one who spoke English and the servers didn’t feel like dealing with my hand motions. The food was SO delicious. Fresh baked bread – I had a view of the lady making it, yogurt sauce, and kebabs.


After lunch, I walked around the old city some more. Then I went to the Four Seasons to get some prices and also to hang out at the Four Seasons. I got a nice tour of the spa rooms. The spa manager who gave me the tour is from Costa Rica, Lived in Seattle, and now here. Not a bad job! 20131103_141113It was fun to chat with someone from the Americas. I couldn’t figure out his accent at first. Then I had a coffee at the downstairs bar. In the bathrooms, they are so nice that they have an area to sit and smoke in the bathroom. The last picture shows one of the carpet shops in the old city. I went back to my hotel and worked out, and then for dinner had local version of Dolmas – Grape leaves with lamb inside. Tomorrow is another work day!

Love, Annie


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