More Work and Choral Synagogue #2

October 29, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are having a nice week! Bucharest continues to be awesome. I did notice however that the area around my hotel, the old city and city centre, is the most beautiful. 20131029_164856Outside of the city, the buildings aren’t as grand and that old timey important feel that’s sensed in the old city is not there. Yesterday I woke up early and worked and today I did the same. I’m basically done. I have another meeting tomorrow and will finish up some small things. For lunch I ate at an italian restaurant and had caprese salad with avocado and prosciutto – very satisfying. I took a cab after lunch with a rigged meter and had no choice but to overpay so now I know how that feels.


This afternoon I went to visit the Choral Synagogue. The pictures from this blog are from there! This choral synagogue was grander than the one in Kiev. However, It was closed, which was pretty sad. I’m not sure why it was closed because I could not read the sign. After some “por favors” and some pouting the guard let me past the front gates in order to take some a pictures. On the wall there was an inscription about the holocaust but many of the letters and words were gone. On the walk home, I went in to this store and the woman was snooty to me because medium “M” was the biggest size they had and she told me I am too big for them.


I wanted to hit her. My colleague told me it’s because my diet consists of food, not just cigarettes and tuaca (Romanian plum brandy). Still, though… She didn’t seem sorry about it either. I tried on the skirt anyway… it zipped! Just not comfortably. After that, I worked and ate at the hotel. The last picture is of one Romanian guy playing with a street dog! It was cute. There are an estimated 65,000 street dogs here in Bucharest.

Love, Annie


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