First Full Day in Freetown!

August 24, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you are having a nice weekend! Today was a productive and interesting day in Freetown. 20130824_110354Even though it was Saturday, I woke up early for a breakfast meeting. Breakfast is pretty good at the hotel. I had an omelet and toast and fruit. I’m impressed. After the meeting, I called Abdul and we set out for a full day of work. I was very productive today. We went out for lunch at a beachside restaurant that everyone (all types of people. I’m told black people, white people, and Lebanese people) frequents. 20130824_131437I told him all about my job (showed him why I was running in and out of all sorts of stores) and we had a relaxing and fun lunch. That’s Abdul in the picture, we are going to an auto body shop. I couldn’t help but think that a car would have to go to an auto body shop after driving up that road! I had a Savanna Dry cider during lunch. Those are so delicious. I discovered them in South Africa. 20130824_143540This lunch was the most fun out of all the lunches I’ve had with drivers this survey, probably because Abdul and I are around the same age so it was more like friends. I liked that it wasn’t awkward. I had dinner with the same person from breakfast, an extension of our meeting. It was a great evening. 20130824_143608We both had Savanna Dry Ciders and I heard all about his family and how he has lived as an expat in many different countries. He has four sons, and age-wise I am right in the middle of the sons. I can’t believe he and his wife are choosing to move here! Pretty bad ass. You can’t move here with children because there are no schools. Tomorrow I’m going to do some work. There’s a small chance I might be able to head home a few days early so I’m trying to get it all done.

Love, Annie


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