Abidjan Tuesday

August 20, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

I think Abidjan ranks with one of the least awesome places I’ve ever surveyed, but I’m getting through it. Chino picked me up at nine and we had a full day of work. He was extremely helpful not only as a driver but as a translator in the auto shops and petrol stations. I did some really Fantastic work today despite the language barrier, and the horrible pollution (it’s dark all the time, a permanent haze over the city… and trash… and people peeing everywhere), and the general hostility of the people, and the traffic, so I’m proud of that.

Chino and I had a pretty awkward lunch (not that much to talk about) at a french sandwich shop. I had a salmon croque learned that the difference between “croque” and “sandwich” is the bread used in the sandwich. The salmon croque was quite delicious, it had melted cheese on top and scallions and a nice salad on the side. They don’t have nice dark lettuce like this at the hotel. I had a work out in the afternoon, and then dinner at the hotel.

My friend Doudou the bartender was not working tonight, so I ate at the buffet. For dessert there was a chocolate cake and a coconut cake so I mixed them together because that’s what my dad does with chocolate and coconut. Both the chocolate and the coconut cakes were really dense and it was a delicious combo. He would have LOVED this! Not worth coming to Abidjan for, but it was such a great part of the day to think of my dad and eat these cakes. I think my giggly enthusiasm for the desserts gave white american girls a silly reputation among the Ivoiriennes.

Tomorrow: More work and a meeting. And some weight training if I don’t finish too late! I hope you are well!

Love, Annie


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