Hello Accra!

August 14, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope all is well. I’m writing now from my room in Accra, Ghana! Yesterday, I worked in the morning from my room in Lagos, and then went to the airport. We were going to head to a cool market, but it was closed so we went straight to the airport. 


It was pretty sad to say bye to Tawo because we definitely became friends over the past few days. He brought me this food called gari, a grain made from Cassava that we had discussed the day before, and told me how to prepare it. At the airport, the security people were a bit suspicious of my black baggy. What is this? Oh, it’s gari. YOU DRINK GARI 🙂 :)?? was the response. Um, of course! All the security guards laughed and seemed super impressed that I ate local food. I did not let on that I had not tried it. I’m going to bring it to the office and we can all try it together.

20130814_160205The airport experience was interesting. I checked in and they told me the plane would be 2 hours delayed due to fueling issues. It was okay though, because I got put in Business Class and got to sit in the exclusive lounge with free wifi and seltzer water and food. Im not sure why this happened, maybe the travel agent messed up? The plane ended up being delayed 3.5 hours, but I eventually got to Ghana. 

Today was extremely productive. I went around to the outlets with Moses from Adonai Car Rental. Yes, those are really the names 🙂 The two pictures in this post are from Oxford St. in Accra, a very busy street. I had a club sandwich with fries at the hotel for dinner it was SO delicious. 

I look forward to a productive day tomorrow and hope to try some local Ghana food with Moses. 

Love, Annie 


One Response to “Hello Accra!”

  1. Ronna Says:

    hahahaha…Moses from Adonoi car rentals. Love it!!!

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