Loving Lagos!

August 10, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are well. Around my office, Lagos is always known as one of the “bad” locations to survey, (along with locations such as Luanda, Atyrau, Fort Mc. Murray, and Maracaibo). However, my experience in Lagos has, so far, been overwhelmingly positive!

20130810_082057I had a fabulous day today. After breakfast at the hotel Tawo and I worked all day. In the car, we listen to The Beat 99.9 FM (the heart beat of Lagos). It’s an awesome hip hop station. They even played Blurred Lines, my current fave. I didn’t have any issues in the supermarkets. We went to both today (it was an extremely productive day). In one of them, they offered me samples of rosé and then coffee! They play crazy music in the markets. One really nice thing is that since Tawo has helped my colleagues in the past, so he knows where to go and what we should do next and how to avoid the traffic! Lagos is notorious for having bad traffic but I’ve not experienced that just yet.

20130810_133148I’m learning a ton about Nigerian culture. For lunch, Tawo and I went to a Nigerian restaurant and I got a spicy fish soup with rice and fried plantains and a kind of cole slaw. YUM! Tawo got his traditional food that he is used to from his village, some other kind of meat soup and pounded yam. You scoop up the food with the yam to eat it. We talked about Yoruba and Igbo and Hausa people and the different regions and customs in Nigeria.

The first picture shows the view from my hotel room, Fabulous, i know! The second picture is of the very exclusive Ikoyi Club. It’s been around since 1938 and Tawo was saying how inside the club it’s decided who runs Lagos. He said it was like Florida. Hmm. You have to be invited by a member to join. They weren’t thrilled about my asking about their prices in the office and then squinting at the price list and copying it down when they wouldn’t tell me. Apparently you aren’t even supposed to be able to park in the parking lot if you are not a member.

20130810_100447I think one of the guards in the Ikoyi Club lot was trying to get me to pay him some money because we parked there for like 6 minutes but before it was clear that he wanted we just got in the car and drove off.

After we were done with work, I had a nice workout at the little (crappy) hotel gym and read about African businesswomen in Forbes Africa addition. After the workout, I went down for dinner. I was all excited about Nigerian cuisine from lunch so I ordered a Nigerian dish that the waiter recommended.  It had vegetables and fish Nigerian style with fried rice (also Nigerian style). I took my first bite and whiff of the dish and knew it was going to be a struggle. I Hated it! It was hard to distinguish the collared greens (I think that’s what they were) from the fish skin and the whole thing smelled like a a fish market. 20130809_163058I kept biting into slimy bits of what I thought were veggies and it was fish skin. It was pretty offensive to my senses, so bad it was laughable. It wasn’t bad quality food at all, I just hated the taste and smell and texture of this dish so badly it made me crack up. I pretended it was something I read that was so funny. When I finally got a piece of the fish interior that didn’t smell like a fishy garbage, it had bones in it.

I ate all I could manage and then ordered some fruit and Tiramisu. Then I had a nice video chat and now I’m going to watch even more Rookie Blue! That fourth picture is on the longest bridge in all of Africa! We took it on the way to the hotel from the airport.

Tomorrow is a working day but we will start later.

LOVE, Annie


2 Responses to “Loving Lagos!”

  1. Bubbie marlene Says:

    What a great blog, very informative. Am so happy you are enjoying everything and glad you have the trained driver. Thank you for the vicarious day in Largos 143

  2. Ronna Says:

    Hey Annie, how do you pronounce Lagos? Does it sound like Legos?

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