Adios Pittsburgh!

July 29, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

On my third and last day of Pittsburgh, I finished up my work and then headed to the Oakland neighborhood to do some sightseeing. Pittsburgh, Etc 110I went first to the Cathedral of Learning at University of Pittsburgh (Pitt). My colleague went to Pitt for school, so it was cool to walk around and learn a little about his college life. The Cathedral of Learning is an enormous structure with many classrooms. Inside it also has rooms for different nationalities so, for example, I saw the Austrian room, the Indian Room, and the Armenian room. Really cool! After the Cathedral of Learning, I headed to Phipps Conservatory.

Pittsburgh, Etc 161

In this museum, there are (probably) thousands of different kinds of plants. There was a desert room, an orchid room, a fern room, an Indian spices room, a fruits room, etc.

I ate lunch at the Phipps cafe, which featured dishes made from vegetables grown at the conservatory (there was also an outside area with herbs and veggies being grown for consumption). I had quiche and tomato basil soup. After that, I walked around Oakland a little more and then in the afternoon, took my flight home!

Love, Annie


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