Awesome day in HCMC

May 15, 2013

Dear Family ann Friends,

Today was a great and productive day, despite an uncooperative belly. 20130515_200359I worked all day and had a nice work out in the late afternoon. For dinner, I went to this little Japanese restaurant. I sat down at the bar at a spot that just happened to be next to the owner, Jimmy, and we started talking. Then his friends came to the restaurant and for the next three hours, we drank shochu, ate interesting food, and laughed. They wanted me to be in the middle for this picture. I tried all sorts of sashimi meats, including beef sashimi (imported from Japan, of course). I had never had it before and it was really really delicious. 20130515_144350The three guys had played golf earlier in the day and I gather the owner won, and made some money from it. So the friends kept saying, we’ll have this on the house! Put this on Jimmy’s bill! We already paid him today! Ha. The guy on the right in the picture is an executive for a Japanese women’s lingerie company, and things got pretty silly once we started discussing his job and bras in general. Tomorrow morning I go by Hydrofoil ferry to Vung Tau.

Love, Annie


One Response to “Awesome day in HCMC”

  1. Ronna Says:

    Sounds like a very very very fun time! Can’t wait to hear about Vung Tau.

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