Happy Mothers Day Hanoi Style

May 12, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy Mothers Day! Especially to my Mom, Bubbie, and Grandma and Bubbia, and also to the other mothers that read this blog. 20130512_142101Today was great. After a lazy morning, I went to get lunch at a place Quan An Ngon. One of the women in a meeting the other day recommended it. This place is not to be missed if you go to Hanoi. The restaurant was big, and packed. Most of the tables are long and you just sit among everyone. I like places like that when I’m alone.

There was a group of men next to me that were eating lunch and drinking beers. 20130512_133850It seemed like a lot of fun and they were friendly as they could be without speaking a language in common. The first thing I ordered was a thin pancake with sprouts, shrimps, and meat, because thats what the men were having and it looked really good. It comes with rice paper, and you roll up the pancake with the rice paper and some herbs. I made a pretty sloppy roll at first. 20130512_135939I guess the guy next to me was not okay with my rolling technique, so he made one for me. I was pretty surprised when he grabbed my chop sticks and started picking up my food but happy to be shown by someone who clearly knew what he was doing.

The pancake wasn’t very big or filing, so I ordered another dish, grilled oysters with spring onion. Really awesome. 20130512_150551I wanted to share but was also happy to be able to eat them all. After lunch I went to a ceramic village outside of the city. That was also fun. I walked around and saw some awesome ceramic creations. The picture is from the back of one of the stores. I’m not sure what these people were doing but I think they wanted me to take their picture. You can see the woman on the left posing. I hope you have a happy day!!!

Love, Annie


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