Adios Yangon!

May 7, 2013

Hi Family and Friends,

It’s my last night in Yangon, and I’m pretty excited to get going. 20130507_175719The flight to Hanoi is tomorrow night. It’s pretty hot here, and there is a lot of traffic, and too many people in the gym talking on their cell phones (so annoying!) Tonight it is raining so hard. The end of May is the start of the rainy season here. Yesterday I worked, and today more work.

20130507_155608While this city isn’t a favorite, being here has certainly been an interesting experience. I forgot to mention that at the Pagoda on Sunday, a little girl ran up and just touched my arm. I think she probably hadn’t seen too many white women in her life. In just a few years, Yangon is going to be very different – it’s developing very quickly.

See you from Vietnam!

Love, Annie


2 Responses to “Adios Yangon!”

  1. Bubbie marlene Says:

    Thanks for the blog so nice hearing from you. Do you fly to Hanoi? Lexington high school just put on Ms Saigon so stay out of the bars ha ha. Have a good flight 143

  2. Ronna Says:

    Safe travels Annie! Eddie, dad, Scott and I are back from our sail safe and sound. Can’t wait to get you on the boat!

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