Happy Friday from Yangon

May 3, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

I’m hanging out at the restaurant eating tofu again, just can’t get enough! I’m eating slowly because i’m taking the time and savor each bite. Today was a nice working day in Yangon.


I got up and had a phone meeting, and then went to work first at the hotel business center and then at one of supermarket areas. It was a pretty small supermarket but had enough variety. This first picture is of my breakfast at a cafe near the hotel. It’s their special noodle soup, I guess you can call this local Burmese cuisine. To be honest it was only okay. 20130503_144909There was chicken, prawns, tofu, and vegetables inside. I had them hold some of the other kinds of meat. But every time I ate a bite of the chicken, I bit into something hard and had to keep spitting it out so I stopped eating the chicken. The prawns were good and of course the tofu was just as tender and delicious as expected.

20130503_144039After the market, I walked back to the hotel. I had taken a taxi to the market because I didn’t know where it was, but it was actually pretty close to the hotel. It was not recommended I walk because it was too sunny but I did it anyway, and sweat a ton. On the way I found some interesting graffiti (pictured above) and checked out the train station, which is in a beautiful building. 20130503_145703From the hotel, I did some more work and when I was done, went for a work out. It was a good one, I ran very fast and got even more sweaty and did some weights. Now I’m at dinner and when I go back to my room i’m going to watch the latest Mad Men, SUPER exciting. The internet in the hotel is good enough to stream videos! I’m excited for tomorrow, another working day.

Love, Annie


One Response to “Happy Friday from Yangon”

  1. Ronna Says:

    I miss you Annie B! Dad is sailing the Delaware Bay tonight…Eddie and I and Scott Tucker are meeting him in NYC tomorrow night and sailing the boat back to New Bedford! You have one happy daddy!

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