Chiang Mai Tuesday!

April 30, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are well. Today was really awesome. 20130430_122719I worked and had a great meeting in the morning. After the meeting, I went to hang out with some tigers! That was pretty interesting and cool. They are enormous. After the tigers, we went to an orchid and butterfly farm.

I say “we” because the taxi driver had his daughter with him, and I hung out with her for an hour in the orchid farm. Gai is her name and she’s six. We didn’t speak a word of the same language, but definitely became friends. We ran around the orchid farm and chased each other around for about an hour. We also took a lot of pictures. I thought she was super cute taking pictures of all the orchids with her phone.


She showed me some other pictures she had taken in the past. We also took a few self shots together, some goofy ones and some serious ones. In the car ride back she sat with me in the back seat and we played more. It was pretty sad to leave them and we hugged goodbye.


In the later afternoon, I hung out at the pool and swam and ate lunch and read a magazine. I was doing a treading water thing with no hands (just honing my survival skills) and a guy who was sitting on some foam tubes told me that he would drown if he tried that. So that sparked a conversation. This guy is Mark and he is from Australia. Probably in his 50s.


He was with a woman (his “Misses”) and they are thinking of retiring and moving to Chiang Mai. We had a great conversation about the housing market here – this is something I could talk about with some confidence because i’m doing research on just that.


And then we talked about other travel related things, and the conversation was going great until he told me that he liked watching me by the pool and some other things about my body. He said “i’m a bit of a perv, I can’t help it”. I was like, yeah, okay. And I was a little creeped out and got out of the pool.

20130430_211156After that, I had a work out and then took a walk to dinner. I ate at a place Riverside Cafe. They had an outside balcony area over the Ping River and it was really crowded, but in a good way. I got a fried fish with chili and basil sauce. It took a long time but was very delicious and crispy. I walked back to the hotel and got a massage on the way back that cost me about 7 dollars and fourteen cents (including a generous tip). Tomorrow I’m going to do some work and then take a long walk to a trendy district of the city.

Love, Annie

One Response to “Chiang Mai Tuesday!”

  1. Bubbie marlene Says:

    I cannot believe you are so with the tiger. Has he had his teeth pulled out? What makes him so tame? Did you see or read Life of Pi? The father tells him and shows him how a tiger can’t be trusted. Glad your having such a great adventure. Love you

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