Bye Pattaya!

April 27, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are doing well! Today was a great day, and tomorrow I head to Chiang Mai. This city has definitely grown on me, but I’m still excited to head out.

20130426_163841One of the things that has been really cool about Pattaya is how easy it is to get places. If you want to go somewhere within the city or the nearby suburbs, you can just jump on a pickup-truck bus (a “local taxi”) and push a buzzer and get off when you want. It costs either 10 or 20 THB, which is less than a dollar. One dollar = approximately 28 Baht. Other things that are cool about Pattaya are the super nice people and massages.

Yesterday I worked all day, and in the evening, went to a very interesting show, during which a woman smoked a cigarette, but not with her mouth.

20130426_233102Today, I was a little lazier because I could be. I got out of bed late, worked for the rest of the morning, and then went to lunch. I had Indian food and it was better than expected. After lunch and a little more work, I went to get a Thai style massage. It was Awesome.

I slept on my neck funny last night so I couldn’t move it to the left. After the massage, I had more mobility. I thought of my mom during the massage because she would have loved it. The masseuse, her name was Eat, walked on my back. We used to walk on my mom’s back when we were little! Probably not as well though. Also, for a little lotion they use a combination of Tiger balm and lotion. Feels awesome.

20130426_233848After the massage, some more work. I had to find the Shell station to get some prices there but it was not where I thought it would be. So I asked some taxi drivers. I told this guy “Shell” and I didn’t think he understood me (he did, he just pronounced it differently). So I drew the logo for the station and he was like “yeah, i know!” and he and his friend laughed at me. They were like, why do you want to go there, you don’t have a car!

The station was a little further away from the main part of town but when I was finished there I walked back because it was cooling down outside. On the way I passed a cool ceramics shop and then a store advertised as “The Biggest Jewelry Shop In The World” so obviously I had to go in and check it out. It was very big and had a lot of nice things in it. I’m not sure if it was the biggest one in the world, though. 

20130426_120031Then I got some bubble milk tea and went back to get another massage. With a generous tip, each massage only came out to 11 dollars each so why not. I’m now a little sore from the massages.

Then I had my fourth and last dinner at Benihanna (don’t judge…) Tonight I got soba noodles soup. For desert I had mochi and ice cream, green tea flavor for both. I love how when you eat mochi it kind expands and fills your whole mouth with deliciousness. The best mochi experience I had ever was in Shenzhen – it was a mochi filled with durian ball. Im pretty sure I wrote about it. The guys at Benihanna were sad to see me go, and we chatted for a little before I left. 

After learning a few Thai phrases from the ladies at the front desk of the hotel, I’m back in my room and looking forward to watching Shark Tank before bed. See you from Chiang Mai! 

Love, Annie



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