Hello Bangkok!

April 21, 2013

Hi Family and Friends,

I hope everyone is safe and happy. I’ve had an awesome first couple of days in Bangkok.

20130420_121807Those who know me well know that I have a problem with spilling wine, and the plane ride from Narita  was no exception. I got some red wine to drink and had about two sips and then dozed off. Then I had a nightmare in which I reacted to something (I forget what it was about) and woke up, kicking tray table with the wine on it, spilling some on myself and one or two splashes on the guy next to me.

20130420_121438This guy’s name was Irvin, and was pretty cool about the wine situation. It was just a few drops I swear. We had a laugh about it especially after I started cracking up because I thought how funny will this be when I tell my parents I spilled more wine?

Irvin told me that when he meets people, he tells them his name is Jamal because he thinks it’s funny when people react like “oh, figures” because he’s black.


He was taking his brother on vacation, they just came from a few days in Hawaii. Awesome. I slept in a little on Saturday. It was a recovery day, so I used it to do some sightseeing and headed by taxi to the old town area where there are some Wats.

First, though, it was time for some food. I wandered around and found a cool market that smelled Incredible, of chili peppers and ginger.


That first picture is buckets of ginger. I got some iced coffee at a stand and it tasted like coffee ice cream. It was delicious. I normally don’t sweeten my coffee at all so it was a real treat. The search for food continued until I found a great little stand on the side of the road. I had chicken and vegetables and rice. Uncomplicated, spicy, and delicious.


After eating I took a very inexpensive tuktuk ride all over the city to see a bunch of stuff. I tipped heavily and still a three hour journey cost under three dollars.

On the way the driver took me to a tailor and a jewelry store. I realized that he gets a fee for just taking people to the stores. I didn’t care because I can take five minutes and look at pretty silks and gemstones if it helps him out.


I didn’t even feel pressure to buy anything. Just as I arrived at one of the temples, a ceremony started. A monk was praying with some flowers, and then all of a sudden, the monk began throwing money and little flowers made from ribbons to the people watching the ceremony. It was pretty crazy. People were trying to pick up as many flowers and money as possible.

20130420_140436I didn’t pick anything up because I didn’t think that was appropriate for me to pick them up as I didn’t know what the whole thing was about, but then some people walked over and handed me these flowers made of ribbons and told me to keep them in my purse. I did.


In the afternoon, I snacked on some papaya salad and then had a nice work out. The gym has some really cool treadmills that have programs where you can run through places all over the world. I ran through some parks in New Zealand.


In the evening, I went out with a former colleague of mine who worked at my company in our Brussels office (I never met him before) and now lives in Bangkok! We went out to dinner, drank some beer, and he showed me around some of the cool streets in. Then we met up with some of his friends. It was a fun night.

20130421_144852After I got back, I had a wonderful time google hangout-ing with a friend. I’m new to google hangout and I really like it. Today I woke up really late and worked for a few hours. To get to the mall, I took the sky train, which was great.

20130421_165222For lunch I got a smoothie. In it were a bunch of berries, some I had never heard of before. On the walk back to the hotel, I came across a Bangkok earthday fest. I got a sample of some chocolate soy milk that was quite delicious and walked around the park.

In the evening, I got a massage. It was pretty awesome. I also got a hot oil head thing where they drip hot oil on your head for 20 minutes. It’s supposed to be good for your hair. They use coconut oil. Even though I showered I still smell like coconut oil but I like it. I ate some pad thai on the street, and now I’m ready for bed.

Love, Annie


One Response to “Hello Bangkok!”

  1. Ronna Says:

    Awesome post! Can we Google Hang out some day? i want a massage!!! I am jealous!

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