Saturday Qaturday

February 23, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

20130223_152324Today was another normal working day. I made some phone calls and then went to a supermarket in the middle of nowhere. I got in kind of a “fight” with the driver who took me because we disagreed on how much it should cost once we arrived. Ugh. He got lost on the way. After the market, I had trouble finding a cab (because cabs don’t go there, really) so I called one, but it was going to take forty five minutes.


I walked around this Barwa village in search of some snack. I went to the only place I could find that was open was a little place run by these Egyptian guys. I got a falafel sandwich and told the guys Shukran (thank you). It wasn’t the best falafel sandwich ever, but pretty great given the circumstances. I sat outside near a family that was also having an afternoon snack. The taxi finally came and we went to the liquor store. They have one liquor store in the city and you have to have a permit to go in and the security guard outside wasn’t that happy with my going inside, but I spoke to the manager and she let me browse and collect the prices. It also sells pork products.


After more work, I got a manicure and pedicure and then went to dinner at a restaurant on the 55th floor of the Intercon. This was the sign. If I went there with my mom and dad they would definitely say “oh, sorry annie you can’t eat with us!” (because it says stylish for the dress code). That made me miss them a lot but I will see them in just a few days!

I had sushi for dinner which was fine. The highlight was this little appetizer they brought over which was very thinly sliced beet with some creamy cheese in the centre. It was shaped like a little birthday hat. Now i’m just waiting for Shark Tank to load on the computer.

Lots of meetings tomorrow.

Love, Annie


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