Working Thursday in Doha

February 21, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are doing great! Today was a fun and productive day here in Doha. I woke up so stressed out about all the things I need to get done here, but now I feel awesome. 20130221_122531I headed to the Villaggio mall first. This mall had a Very tragic fire last May, during which many people were killed, including 13 children. It’s up and running again, but with a somber feeling.

I worked and had lunch (brunch) at Laduree, which was located in the fancy section of the mall. I don’t have to price anything from the super designer stores, but those sections of the malls usually have the better bathrooms and nice restaurants :). A long time ago my grandma and I discovered Laduree when we went to Paris together so I was happy to revisit that memory. I had a mini burgers, and cappuccino and one mini raspberry macaroon that I ate very slowly and savored for a while. Then I worked all afternoon at the mall.

20130221_202756In the late afternoon, I went to the Four Seasons and worked in their tea lounge (very fancy today!) and went to dinner at the Asian restaurant. I had some foofy Chinese food (foofy is small portions that cost a lot of money and you’re still hungry at the end) and the glass of wine I’d been craving since 9:30 AM. As you can tell from the picture I was definitely feeling the Chinese vibe.

Tomorrow is my last day off, and I’m trying to think about a good itinerary. Two things that are definitely on the list are the famous Souk (market) and the Islamic arts museum that people here say is#1 in the world, much better than the one in Kuala Lumpur. We’ll see. I love Islamic art because I think handwriting is really fascinating and beautiful, and they do quite a lot of calligraphy.

Love, Annie


3 Responses to “Working Thursday in Doha”

  1. How wonderful to hear from you and hope the chinese food was more like american but maybe you like chinese authentic. whatever i am sure they did not have crab ragoon. Did you know it was chinese New Year? the year of the snake and did you know it was Purim where you invented the chocolate Hamentachen It is sold all over now instead of prune or popey seeds. Love you

    • annesandwich Says:

      hey bubbie!!! no crab rangoons here, it was like a pan-asian restaurant with different kitchens and they had indian, thai, indonesian, chinese, and japanese food on the menu. I just went with what the server recommended. I did not know it was the year of the snake, or purim. Hahaha of course, chocolate is the best. why would anyone want a gross hamentachen filled with fig marmalade? I haven’t met any other americans, except people from meetings. In all of these countries I’ve been to on this trip, the local population is only a fraction of the whole population. Seems like the majority of people around here are from the Philippines or India.

      Love you!

  2. there is suppose to be many, many emigrates from the USA have you met up with any? Actually they say that most of the population is emigrates.

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