Hello from Kuwait!

February 9, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

It was a long day today, but very productive. I got up early and headed to the airport. The plane from Abu Dhabi to Kuwait was easy. I sat next to a woman and her four year old daughter from Sydney, they have family and Kuwait and are going for a wedding. The mom Fatma was so nice and the daughter, Rihanna, was hilarious. I was jealous that she spoke both Arabic and English. We played and it was really fun.

I had a bit of trouble getting from the airport to the hotel. The airport itself was a breeze. If you are from a certain set of countries (USA included) you can buy a visa in a separate line and then not have to wait in the immigration line. There was no signage so it was a good thing I read up on the procedures before hand.

I waited at the taxi stand, but there were no taxis. Then a taxi came, and the driver did not speak english and had no idea where the hotel was. Even after I got some assistance from these French and American guys also waiting for a taxi, still no luck. This happened for a quite some time. Then there was a taxi driver who did speak english, but he had already taken another guy in his cab (im not sure how that other guy got in front as I had been waiting the longest…) He offered to take me too and I went for it. I think this was all to the annoyance of the other guy (a British guy) in front who couldn’t seem to understand that he was indeed going to get dropped off first and I just needed some help from the only cab driver who knew where I was going. Kind of crotchety.

The driver was so nice, and the hotel is also nice. I got to the hotel late morning, and worked all day.

Love, Annie


4 Responses to “Hello from Kuwait!”

  1. Ronna Says:

    phew- when you said on the email you had difficulty, I was imagining the worst (who else but your mom would have think the worst?) Glad you are safe, that the hotel is nice- it looks lovely on line! Love you!

  2. Bubbie marlene Says:

    So happy your in Kuwait and sorry you had such a tough time at the airport. Is Kuwait as nice as they say. What did you do for lunch and dinner? Have a good nights sleep love you

  3. AngO Says:

    Why are you in Kuwait? Curious…do you like it?

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