Happy Thursday from Abu Dhabi

February 7, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was another lovely day in Abu Dhabi. I worked in the morning and had a meeting with this French woman who grew up in Madagascar! Wow. In the afternoon, I headed to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, a must visit for anyone going to Abu Dhabi. I think it was one of the most beautiful structures I’d ever been in! So white and clean, and with pools that reflected the buildings and the light. I spent a lot of time hanging around there, more time than I expected to, and took some awesome photos. Below is a photo I was able to upload this afternoon while I was working from a different hotel with faster internet. It was taken from inside the Emirates Palace, where I had dinner two nights ago. Some sweet buildings there!

After that, I went to the gym and then went out to dinner at a place called Lebanese Flower restaurant. You can probably guess what kind of food it was. Probably my best dinner yet. I sat outside and the staff was so nice, they could see I was cold so they brought me something heavier to wear. The food was Falafel and Fattoush, which were both delicious but the highlight for consumables was what they call the “Lebanese Flower Cocktail” it’s a juice drink (okay, basically a milk shake) with all different kinds of fresh fruits. There is Bananas, Avocado (avocado juice is extremely popular here), Strawberry, Apples, Mangoes and others, and its blended together with some ice cream and has Almonds and chunks of fruits in it too. It would make an Amazing breakfast.


During dinner, these men sat down next to me, and one spoke English and started talking to me! He is Abdul from Beirut and we had the best time, so many laughs. He was hanging out with the owner of the restaurant, which was interesting. The former owner actually. I learned that he sold the three Lebanese Flower restaurants for millions of dollars but kept a bit of the company too. They shared their carrot sticks with lemon with me. Delicious.

Abdul told me some amazing and hilarious stories. He went to university in Wyoming in the 70s and lived in Colorado for a bit. He said that one summer, he worked at the Coors factory, the graveyard shift. He would work, and then go on the first tour with the factory tourists in the morning, drink free beer, and then pass out. He said that they gave him two cases of beer each week for about $1.5o, and he couldnt drink all of it so he saved it up and gave it away at college. This, and the fact that he was (is) an electrical engineer and could fix peoples cars and made speakers, made him a pretty popular guy!

He told me how not that long ago Abu Dhabi was a fishing and pearl diving village. People would come to the city on camels, and then buy big houses and cars, and keep their camel in the garage while the fancy car sat out in the sun. HA!! We talked about how so much has changed in not so much time. He told me also that in college, he and his friends would drink Greek cognac because that keeps you warm and then go tubing on the ski trails. I told him well some things don’t change much.

It was really a special night. Tomorrow, I’m planning to finish up some work and then head to the beach! I’ll be thinking about the snowstorm in Boston. Good luck!

Love, Annie


One Response to “Happy Thursday from Abu Dhabi”

  1. Ronna Says:

    sounds like a fantastic evening! Continue to have a great time and be safe!

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