happy Friday from Dubai

February 1, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are doing well. Even though today was a weekend, I treated it like a normal work day. The places I needed to go were open. I spent the morning in a supermarket. Lunch was a really great fattoush and mixed grill (this is becoming kind of a lunch habit). I sat outside and it was so pleasant. The servers kept bringing over tea and juices for me to try. One of them tasted SO good. I asked what flavour it was, and he said it was “arabic flavour” which was not that informative an answer.

I think there was rose in it because it tasted a little bit like the lemonade we like to get at Baraka Cafe on Pearl Street in Cambridge. It is a north African restaurant and they are known for their rose lemonade. You should go there if you have not been. This juice was a little thicker. Delicious.

After lunch I worked more, and at about 4 30 I headed to the Gold Souk. It was not as cool as I thought it would be, in part because everything was expensive. This was not like the pearl market in Manila where I could afford the things there. I did see some very impressive necklaces though that looked like they should be in a museum because they were worn in ancient times. Next to the Gold Souk, there is supposed to be a spice souk but I was told it was not open. There was also a textile market that I walked through. All through the market men were asking if I wanted copy bags and watches. Nope.

After the souk, I headed to the Marina area where I sat by the waterfront and smoked sheesha and drank tea at a cafe outside and got to do lots of good people watching. Seems like thats the thing to do on friday afternoons. For dinner I went to the restaurant on the 52nd floor of the Marina Marriott. Great views, OK food. I think it’s a better bar than it is a restaurant.

Love, Annie


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