Hi Dubai!

January 29, 2013

Hello Family and Friends,

Hope you are well. I’m back on survey again, this trip will be to U.A.E., Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar. I hope you will enjoy reading! This morning I arrived in Dubai after a day and night of transit. I flew through London so the flights weren’t too long, but they did feel really long for some reason. It’s 11 PM here, and I just woke up after passing out at 5:00. Hopefully I can get back to sleep!

Today was a recovery day. In the morning I took the Metro and wandered around some of the different areas of the city. The highlight of my day was lunch (surprised?). I did some research online and found a good area. I asked the cab driver to take me to such and such street because I wanted to get something delicious and he took me to one of his favorite places for something local and delicious. Unfortunately the pictures are not loading so I’ll have to provide them later. I had fattoush and mixed grill plate. They gave me to go with the meal some garlic sauce and some pickles, yum. Probably a good thing I’m alone after that meal! I sat outside and it was really nice to be outside considering the recent weather in Boston.

After lunch I walked around the area near the restaurant, and then around the Burj Kalifa but did not go inside. One thing I did notice was that in some areas modest dress is more important than others. In the morning when I went to the Marina area, there were people (including women) dressed in shorts and tank tops going running, and tourists were in shorts, and that was totally normal. However, when I walked around the area near the lunch restaurant, my calves (I was wearing a dress that hits below my knee with a sweater so the bottom of my legs were the only thing showing) were getting a lot of attention.

It’s also interesting that every building is new with modern architecture. That’s it for tonight!!!

Love, Annie


One Response to “Hi Dubai!”

  1. Ronna Says:

    Love your calves, dear, no matter what kind of stares you get! So glad you wrote and that everything is ok so far. Love you!!! Miss you already.

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