Hola Hong Kong!

November 30, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are doing great! I made it to Hong Kong! This morning, I got up and took a taxi to the Futian border between Shenzhen and Hong Kong.


In this first picture, I am on the moving walkway looking back at Shenzhen. I do not think I was supposed to take this picture. The border crossing was pretty uneventful, except that there was a lot of waiting in Line. I know people go on day trips between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, but what a pain in the butt.

After immigration and customs in China, there is that bridge, and then you go straight to immigration and customs in Hong Kong. It felt a little weird doing that without a plane ride in between! Then I took the Hong Kong metro into the city to my hotel and it was very easy.


On the metro, I helped a girl work on her project she was building a mock business Web site in English for a computer class. I helped correct her grammar.

When I got to the hotel, I checked in and dropped my bags off at the room. It is the tiniest little room! I can’t believe how expensive it is. With the bathroom included, it’s smaller than my bedroom in my apartment in Boston. It’s clean though, and everything works well. It’s just not somewhere I’d like to Hang out. Okay also I realize I’ve been a little (okay Very) spoiled with hotel rooms on this survey! Back to reality here.

20121130_183843I went to walk around, and almost immediately it started to rain. I went and got some tea (you can see the tea stand in the second picture), and then went shopping and walked around the Gateway mall area all afternoon. There were some views of the harbor but was rainy and cloudy.

After a few hours in the mall, it was still raining. I went and dropped my bags off and then went to get dinner. I had half my meal at a Japanese restaurant, and the other half at a Chinese restaurant. Why not. After dinner I kept walking. It was not really raining anymore. Many of the stores are open until 11, so I wandered, and browsed. Now, I’m back at the hotel excited to watch some TV shows Last Resort and Glee!

Hopefully tomorrow it will not rain. I’d like to do outdoor touristy things.

Love, Annie


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