Zaijian China!

November 29, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are well! The past few days have been regular, moderately frustrating, working days.

Tomorrow, I’m headed to Hong Kong and I’m so excited. This first picture is of just a regular scene in Shenzhen. I was trying to get a taxi at that point. I think today was better than yesterday. For lunch I got exactly what I wanted, which hasn’t happened in a while. I went to the Intercontinental where all the staff is dressed like bull riders. It was a little weird, they have a Spanish theme going on there, I’m not sure it works. At their Chinese restaurant I had Sichuan tofu and broccoli and rice. I REALLY like Sichuan tofu made with ground beef or pork and got hooked on it in Shanghai.

Today in a department store I cracked up because there was some music and I was like, I know this song, what is this, and it turns out it was a really funny cover of ABBAs “Super Trouper” and then “SOS.” One thing about this job is you are extremely likely to hear some Ridiculous covers of music.

Now I’m packed up and ready to go! I can’t wait. All in all my experience in China was positive. I’d like to visit some places in the north like Beijing and Harbin in the future. Anyway, see you from Hong Kong!

Love Annie


2 Responses to “Zaijian China!”

  1. Marlene clayton Says:

    Good to hear from you. Are you in Hong Kong. Did you go by ferry. Hope your hotel is wonderful. Love

  2. annesandwich Says:

    Love you Bubbie!!!!! Nope, I took a taxi to the border and then took the Metro into town. I’m just about to write about it!

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