Working in Shenzhen

November 27, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

The past two days have been pretty regular working days. Not really that much to write. I’m getting pretty excited to get to Hong Kong and after that, home. Hopefully the travel agent is able to fix my reservation to I can go there a day early. This first picture is taken from one of the offices I went to for a meeting, it’s of the new CBD, the central business district. There’s a pretty nice restaurant under where I’m standing and to the left. It’s called Shan Garden. I ate lunch there yesterday and today. Yesterday’s lunch was better than todays. Yesterday, I was hungry after the main meal so I ordered this trio of desserts to sample.

It was Green Tea Opera cake, Mochi and Durian ball, and Mango pudding. The most interesting and tasty thing was a Durian and Mochi. It was really satisfying to eat. I actually think I’d like to go back there and get it again. Fluffy durian fruit on the inside, which actually tastes delicious (durian is known to smell pretty nasty), and thicker but still fluffy mochi on the outside. A small bite will fill your whole mouth with deliciousness. I actually think I’ll go back there and have that one again because it’s the best thing about Shenzhen so far. Today, the gave me a little complimentary dessert of pumpkin, taro, and fish eggs soup … more work tomorrow! I hope you are doing great.

Love, Annie


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