Goodbye Guangzhou, Hello Shenzhen!

November 24, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are well. I’ve arrived safely in Shenzhen, and it looks like I have  nearly full internet access once again. I took the first picture this morning near the hotel in Guangzhou. Here’s what I wrote yesterday:

Today was another great day. After working in the morning (and posting the last posts), I did some sightseeing. I first went to the memorial hall of Dr. Sun Yat Sen. It was a relaxing time walking around but all the signs were in Chinese so I didn’t really learn anything. After that I went to the Chan Clan house, which was Really awesome. This one family had an extremely large property, and now it’s a nice place to go with different exhibits. It cost under $1.50 USD to get in.

There was a small exhibit each of ivory carvings, bone carvings, Jade carvings, traditional clothing, calligraphy, stain glass, some other things, and my favorite, the Chinese embroidery artwork. These look like paintings, but when you get up close you can see that the whole thing is done with string. They are so colorful and SO detailed. I definitely wished my grandma was here at the Chen Clan house (Academy?) to share the experience. She would have loved it. Some of the carvings reminded me of some of the things she has in her house, the detail of the flowers in particular.

Now after packing up to leave tomorrow, I ate, and then swam, and now I’m here. This was an awesome week in Guangzhou.

Today, I woke up late, went for lunch, and took the train to Shenzhen. The transportation experiences here in China are always a little difficult for a few reasons.The train ride was pleasant. I had a window seat and it was about an hour and twenty minutes ride. We stopped at some places on the way at which I was pretty happy Not to be getting of the train.

After the train I went out the wrong exit It took a while to find a taxi to the hotel, but I made it. The taxis are more expensive here than in Guangzhou. By the way the fourth picture is one of the embroidery pieces. Wow.

Now I’m at the hotel. The pool is bad (freezing and small) but the gym is great. I had japanese food for dinner at the hotel and prepared to work tomorrow. The lady at the japanese restaurant gave me a 20 percent discount card there she said she liked me and I was nice. Guess I fooled her!

I’m trying to get everything done here quickly so I can get to Hong Kong a day or two earlier. Besides, I think that one of the fun things to do in Shenzhen is to go to Hong Kong as it’s so close.

Love, Annie


One Response to “Goodbye Guangzhou, Hello Shenzhen!”

  1. Ronna Says:

    Awesome Annie! That picture of the embroidery is amazing- and you are right- Grandma would love it! Missed you so much on Thanksgiving. Can’t wait for you to be home!

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