working monday in shanghai

November 12, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was a working day, not that much to write. Sorry there are no pictures today, I wasn’t able to load them!

During my work I did get to see a lot of the fancy shopping areas, which is always nice. I was very productive, and worked a solid ten hours today, and didn’t encounter any obstacles gathering data like I thought I would. Still many places to go, so we’ll see. For dinner I went to a hot pot restaurant that is supposed to be pretty famous. I thought it was Pretty good, I’m sure it’s a much better idea to go to those kinds of places with someone that speaks Chinese and knows what to order (or just someone else to share with!). It was Certainly spicy and I liked that.

The cool thing about this place was that there were games and iPads set up in the waiting area, so while I was waiting for a table (twenty minutes to a half hour… it’s a popular place!) I played angry birds and then fruit ninja on one of the iPads. They also bring over juice and watermelon and popcorn for you to snack on while you wait. I did not beat the fruit ninja high score on the iPad. I didn’t even come close.

After dinner I got back at 10:00 and I wasn’t ready to just be in my room, so I went for a swim. The health centre is really awesome and beautiful so I figure its good to take advantage of that. I forgot a swim suit so I used under-fashions and pretended they were a swim suit. I have some that could possibly pass for a swim suit if you are not looking at the material, so I put those on. It was a great idea to swim and now I feel very happy.

Love, Annie


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