Manila Wednesday

November 7, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was a nice day. I got up and started working and while I was in one of the supermarkets, my co worker (who had stayed up all night in Europe to watch) texted me the results of the election! I was very happy to hear about all the results, not only the presidential one but some of the Massachusetts (my state) elections too. I overheard some very different opinions from people talking at the hotel lobby, though! Very interesting. They actually said some pretty offensive and racist things which were not so cool.  The first picture is of another guard doggy Scooby, who works at the Shangri-La.

After working in the morning, I went back to my hotel for a meeting with a woman I had spoken to in the morning, and she totally stood me up. Sometimes that happens and it’s really annoying. Hopefully I’ll at least get to speak to her on the phone. I thought it was pretty rude she didn’t even call or email. 

So, I went back out to do more work, and eventually had a late light lunch/high-tea at the Shangri-La. They have a fourteen piece orchestra that plays there on weekday afternoons, so I enjoyed that. I actually didn’t think the food was that good, but I needed to eat something before spending at two hours in a supermarket. The tea and entertainment was good!

After working a few more hours, I went to dinner at a fancy Japanese restaurant, which was awesome. I’ll probably go there again for lunch they have great vegetable udon soup. I finished up the days work, drank, and ate.

After dinner, I hung out with the guards and dog Beauty at my hotel. I asked the guys how she was trained and what she was trying to smell for. One of the guys said that she’s sniffing for explosives, “When she smells something, she sits.” Due to his accent and my, um, general level of maturity, I did not hear it that way. I was pretty amazed at what I thought was the case…  “She … SHITS? She can just poop when she smells something?? WOW!!! Right on the sidewalk?” That dog is truly incredible! The guards sensed I misunderstood and corrected me. Hahaha. That would be really cool though. She is trained to sit obediently if she senses something. I guess that makes more sense, and is a lot less messy.

Off to bed. Love, Annie


One Response to “Manila Wednesday”

  1. Ronna Says:

    you are too funny!

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