Last day in Taipei!

November 5, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are well. It’s been a wonderful week in Taipei. The past two days haven’t been too eventful. Yesterday I worked in the day time but slowly. I did a little working, a little shopping, some more working, some walking around. A nice Sunday. For dinner, I ate Beef Noodles soup. Beef Noodles is a very famous dish in Taiwan, so I made a point to go. You can see the restaurant in the picture, it is a traditional shop.

Today, I worked all day (I finished for Taipei but for a few phone calls). In the picture you can see the Taiwan version of Home Depot! It even has the same colors! In the late afternoon, I treated myself to a massage. I got a body massage and foot massage for much less expensive than you would get in the states. It was Great! My arm and shoulder have been achy and now they are less achy. The foot massage is supposed to help increase circulation and is good for the metabolism. While I was getting the foot massage, they gave me some Wheat tea that’s also supposed to be good for digestion. Yippy!

Tomorrow, I have a meeting in the morning then I’m off to Manila!  I’m so excited to get some envelopes there… HAHA!

Love, Annie


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