Happy Friday and Saturday from Taipei

November 3, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Today and yesterday were great days! Yesterday, I began with another meeting that was so much fun it went on for two hours. The women I met with were very chatty and fun! After the  meeting, I decided to head to the Taipei 101 observatory because it was finally sunny outside. It had been cloudy and rainy for the past two days. It was convenient because the meeting was close by the tower aaannd I needed to go to the 101 mall to survey some of the stores. There was no line to get up to the 89th floor, and the view was fantastic.

After the observatory, I ate lunch again at Din Tai Fung, the dumpling place from two days ago. I had the spicy steam wontons because I saw a couple get them the previous visit and they looked amazing. They were great but I definitely liked the dumplings better. After lunch, I worked the whole afternoon.

In the evening, I met up with one of my co worker’s friends, Stacy, at a beer house in a neighborhood called Tien Mu. It was Awesome! We drank quite a bit of Taiwan beer, and ate some crazy things. In the picture, you can see Stacy, her friend, and me. We thought it was pretty ambitious of Stacy to order more beers, as you can see from our expressions. My favorite thing we ate was little clams. I liked them because the sauce they were in was so delicious. Other things we ate were oysters, tiny little shrimps that you just eat the whole thing, and pig’s blood rice squares.

By the time I got back to the hotel, I was in no shape to write a blog post so that’s why you didn’t see one yesterday. What you see in the third picture is dessert dumplings from yesterday’s lunch. The dumplings have 18 folds and are made by hand. Red bean paste is pretty delicious. 

Today, I woke up at 7:30 and started my day with work at at a major supermarket. I didn’t wake up feeling that amazing, but powered through it. I spent all morning in the market. I had lunch at a restaurant called Kiki which was pretty good. The highlight of the meal was this tofu dish, the tofu was crispy on the outside and in the inside was the consistency of custard. Really interesting and tasty but not really good for a picture.

I wanted to make good use of the Amazingly sunny day today so after lunch, I took the MRT all the way to an area called Tamsui at the end of one of the lines. It took about forty five minutes to get there. Tamsui is on the water and it’s a famous place to watch the sunset because it’s on the western side of the island.

I didn’t watch the sunset because I thought it would make me feel lonely to watch it alone and I try to avoid things that make me feel too lonely. But, I did walk around a long time around the Old Streets. You can see some views above. It was really a pleasant afternoon. There were a lot of families there, and a lot of tea places and stores. There is a bike path that goes along the water… etc.

On the way home, there were a lot of young kids that fell asleep on the MRT and that was really cute to see. I guess the day at Tamsui tired them out! I didn’t go directly to my hotel, but headed to one of the Night markets that is located on the MRT line I was on It was Incredible. This market is pretty famous, it’s called Shilin. 

It took me a little while of wandering to find the most popular food area. I had dinner by sampling the foods from the stations that had the longest lines. These grilled pork and buns were one of them.  Night markets are very popular here for local people to eat dinner.

Food is cheap, some of it is healthy, and absolutely delicious. I had a few different things, and ended my meal with a bag of fruits… pineapple, mango, and some local fruits I don’t know their names! The one thing I didn’t try yet is Stinky tofu. This is a dish you can get at the night markets that’s pretty famous for tasting great and smelling Awful. It is stinkier than I ever imagined. Maybe another night, I’ll definitely be having another night market dinner!

Love, Annie



One Response to “Happy Friday and Saturday from Taipei”

  1. Ronna Says:

    looks Awesome, Annie- thanks for the update!

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