Happy Halloween from Taipei

October 31, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy Halloween! Today was a great day, and now I’m exhausted. I got up before 7 AM, probably because of Jet lag. It rained all day but I still did a lot of things.

After a breakfast at the hotel, I headed to the National Palace museum, which was great.  This first picture is a view from outside the front of the museum. My favorite thing in the museum was one of the temporary exhibits on Rare maps. I’ve always liked maps and it was cool to see how they were drawn and illustrated hundreds of years ago. I also enjoyed the calligraphy exhibit and all the cauldrons. They had some pretty enormous pots for cooking back in ancient china. I was lucky to have gotten there earlier because the museum was absolutely swarmed with tourist groups by 9:30.

After the museum, I headed to the Taipei 101. I planned to go up to the observatory tower, but it was expensive so I decided to save it for a sunnier day with more visibility.

The bottom of the Taipei 101 is a very fancy mall, and they have one store with some absolutely stunning coral and diamond jewelry. I checked out the jewelry for a while, and wished my grandma was there as she would have Really liked to see it too.

For lunch, I ate at a famous dumpling place called Din Tai Fung. The dumplings I had are called Xiao Long Bao and they have broth and meat inside. MMmm.

I’d like to go back and try more things from there.

After lunch, I walked around nearby shops and took the MRT, the Taipei transit system, back to the hotel.It’s clean, fast, efficient, cheap, (each ride I took today has been less than a dollar) and everything is in Chinese and in English too which makes it very easy to get around. I relaxed at the hotel before heading out again to the Longshan Temple and night market nearby.

The third picture is from inside the temple. I didn’t eat anything at the night market, and instead went to a small Japanese restaurant near the hotel. For dessert they brought over red bean and fish egg soup, and fried shrimp eggs. I ordered another Sake and ate as much as I could. The soup was pretty good, and the shrimps were looking at me.

I hope you enjoyed this, more fun things happened today but I’m too tired to write anything more! Looking forward to a great sleep and a productive day tomorrow.

Love, Annie

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