Panama Continued

August 25, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

It’s Saturday night in Panama, tomorrow at this time I’ll be packing up ready to head  back to Boston! I’m not too keen on this city, but today was pretty good. Yesterday was not good. I worked and then I was going to walk around the old city, but then it started pouring all afternoon and evening. I decided to check out one of the new malls (maybe it will be useful for next survey six months from now), but is was just crowded and disgusting. Then we sat in rainy traffic on the way back. I had this impression that Panama city would be really unbelievably awesome, I’m not sure why. I’m finding it to be really fair.

Today was better. I did a little work this morning, and went over to the old city, which I really liked. It was a little more peaceful than downtown. I had large, un peeled shrimps, mini empanada, salad and a bloody mary at lunch. The shrimps got very messy. There was a lot of construction for restoration in the old town, and I think when that’s finished it will be spectacular. In the third picture, I kind of creeped on this photo shoot. The lady was pretty nice looking! Tomorrow I’ll finish a few bits of online work and go see the canal!

Love, Annie



2 Responses to “Panama Continued”

  1. Marlene clayton Says:

    I like your blue bag, is it new? Will be so happy to have you home. Had dinner at BG Oyster and it was so good and saw a just ok play but all the time I had wished you were there can hardly wait. Have a good trip. Love you

    • annesandwich Says:

      Hi Bubbie! Thanks, my blue bag is new but from before the trip! Lucky you went to B&G oyster, I really like that place. Coming home tomorrow!
      See you so soon! I love you too!

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