Medellin Monday

August 21, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are well. Today was a pretty normal working day, but better than average. I really like Medellin. I had breakfast, worked in the morning, then I went to a little “old town” on top of a hill that was recommended by someone at the hotel and it wasn’t nearly as cool as I thought it would be. Way too touristy. The picture is from a viewing field near the little town. That part was cool. Since it was a holiday, there were lots of people hanging out and flying kites. After a Yogen Fruz lunch, I worked some more. Later, I exercised in the gym in the hotel overlooking the city, and then set out for dinner. Due to the holiday, the places I wanted to go to weren’t open, so I went back to the Italian restaurant from last night and got some fish.

Love, Annie


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