A Wonderful Weekend in Medellin

August 19, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

It was an awesome weekend in Medellin. Yesterday, I slept late and then worked, because it was a working day. I finally got my Yogen Fruz and it was everything I had hoped for. Even better because I got even more raspberries on the top.

Today was my day of tourism, and it was great. I first took the Metro to the famous cable car metro that’s attached to the metro. You just transfer at the station and get on this Gondola like at a ski resort. Pretty cool! The entire system is (of course) way nicer, more efficient, and in much better shape than Boston’s T. The cable car takes you up over a large poorer neighborhood. I was told not to get off and walk around there.

At the top of the metro I transfered to yet another Gondola for a fifteen minute ride the rest of the way up the mountain and to a park area. I met a really nice “older” but not that old couple on my way up. They are from about an hour outside Medellin and they were just visiting for the day.

At the top in the park area, there were a few food stands, and handicraft stands, and some more sit down-y restaurant shacks. I walked around there for a while and drank coffee and checked out the scene, The man and woman that I made friends with on the Gondola gave me some presents! Some liquor made from the locally grown fruits, and a bracelet that matched me shirt. What an unexpected treat.

At the end when I exchanged business cards with the lady (she’s a lawyer, an abogada, one of the first words I ever learned in Spanish from the Destinos series back in middle school), she looked at my card and then asked, “Judeo?” (Jewish?) Haha. Smart lady. My name isn’t that obviously a Jewish name but she says she knows everything because she’s a lawyer. I thought that was funny. 

After walking around for a bit, I ate lunch at one of the shacks. I just said please bring me something delicious and was not disappointed. The plate had a whole variety of things.  This third picture is of the chefs. I got some raspberries for dessert and they were Awfully sour.

After eating, I made my way back down the gondolas and took the Metro to the Botanic Gardens. My favorite exhibit was the herbs and vegetables garden that they had right next to the restaurant for use in the restaurant. There were some great looking veggies and nice smelling herbs. Overall, I thought that the flowers and plants were cool but not as impressive as the general weekend scene… there were tons of people just hanging out in the park, families, friends, couples, some playing sports games, some tanning, it was just a really nice feeling to be there. In this fourth picture you can see some Aji peppers.

After the gardens, it was later in the afternoon so I went back to my hotel to hang out before dinner. For dinner, I went to a different hotel that I had been to yesterday to do work walking distance from my hotel, and with much better food and an elegant patio setting. It’s an italian restaurant. I had this artichoke appetizer that was absolutely fabulous. It was a whole artichoke, cut into thirds, very well cooked so that you can eat most of the meat off all the leaves, dressed in some awesome spices. On the side they give you a little creamy sauce with nice herbs to dip. Artichokes are super fun to eat. I also had a salad to round out the meal. Now I’m back at the hotel, and ready to go to bed and get up early for a full day of work tomorrow. I’m slightly nervous because tomorrow is a holiday (Assumption day, I believe). I know that the malls will be open, but I’m not sure about the auto body shops, hair cut places, and laundry. I’ll make the most of the day and do my online work if necessary. Looking forward to my last working week on this South American adventure! A week from tonight I’ll be anxiously packing up for the journey home.

I hope you have a nice week!
Love, Annie


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