Awesome Friday in Medellin!

August 18, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Tonight I had one of those nights that makes traveling and my job incredibly special. 

In fact, the whole day was great. In the morning I had a nice meeting over coffee with a relocation agent. After that, I went to the mall. I hadn’t eaten breakfast and Really wanted a Yogen Fruz, but it turns out that mall didn’t have one (I thought it did!!). Apparently there are three of them here in Medellin. So I waited, and did my work and ate lunch at a restaurant that served Colombian food.  Yum.

After lunch, I worked some more until about 7:30 PM. Then it was time for dinner. I set out into the evening to find Yogen Fruz and a glass of wine (actually a glass of wine and then a Yogen Fruz — the internet says there’s also one in the area near the hotel and I saw someone eating it today!). I didn’t end up getting either.

After exploring the Zona Rosa evening scene, I settled at a bar/restaurant that was not empty, but also not packed full of really young people passing around bottles of Aguardiente. Ew. From the look of things at the bar, I decided it would be Really uncool to order wine, so I got a frozen cocktail like everyone else. It was strong.

Right as I was leaving, the hostess showed me to this other table with a boy and girl sitting at it and they said “We want to know you” and offered me a shot. Okay! I sat down with them and they, Stafania and Luiz (I hope I’m spelling this name right!) wanted to talk to me and practice English (and I could also practice Spanish). Did I have time now? Yep.

So I hung out with them for the next two hours drinking beer and chatting and having an Awesome time. It was so special to meet these new friends and have a relaxing and fun night. I’m glad I prioritized interpersonal relationships over frozen yogurt. Stefania is a student of Business Administration and from Medellin, and Luiz is a Saxophone player from a city on the Pacific Coast of Colombia! They met in English class at university here in Medellin.

One thing I really liked about the evening besides the company was how they served the beer, with 3/4 of an inch of lemon juice at the bottom of the glass, and the glass with a salt rim like a margarita. I guess this is pretty common.

Also, I learned that asking people to take a “pictura” of me for the past four weeks has been really silly, because the word is “foto.” Pictura is not even a word in Spanish. I can’t believe none of the 40+ people I’ve said that to have corrected me. We had quite a laugh over that. We also had quite a laugh when Luiz asked me about the Queen of England, Margaret Thatcher. Haha.

Okay, now that I’m hydrated (I’ve been drinking water the whole time writing) I’m pretty excited to get into bed.

Love, Annie


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