Bye, Bogota, and the Ew-Face

August 16, 2012

Hi Family and Friends,

Hope all is well. I’m just about to get into bed but wanted to make a little note about today.

The day was pretty normal, I just finished up my work in Bogota. I’m pretty excited to move on to the next city  as I’m getting a little tired of Bogota. It was great, but I had a lot of headaches here. Today I ate a really disappointing lunch today at a Colombian Food restaurant.

I ordered Ceviche, my go-to. Usually, Cebiche is marinated in a lovely Lemon or lovely Lime citrus, but this one was Grapefruit. Eeyyuck. I hate Grapefruit juice. I struggled from my first bite. I tried very hard to hide my feelings about the dish but this was difficult as I make an involuntary “ew-face” when I eat things like grapefruit, and drink very hoppy beers. I ate as much as I could, hiding the ew-face as best as possible.

I took this picture of the Police Doggie because they are just adorable. This one was taken outside some of the offices that were right near my hotel. Aww.

I love you guys!!!!!!

Love Annie


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