Last day in Lima!

August 10, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Today and yesterday have been pretty nice! Filled with work and delicious food. It’s probably a good thing I’m leaving Peru tomorrow because I doubt it’s good for a human to be eating so much Ceviche. I can’t help ordering it everywhere I go, it’s so refreshing and tangy. This first picture is of the chefs at El Mercado restaurant, today’s lunch spot. It’s a totally happening seafood place. They didn’t have any tables available when I got there at about 2:15 PM (it was a half hour wait) so I sat at the bar. I liked sitting there, I got a great spot right near the grill so I could watch all the action.

I observed that the most common thing people ordered were scallops (they came still attached to the shell, really beautiful looking), and grilled octopus.

For lunch, I had the Mercado Ceviche which was a ceviche of the fish of the day and calamari, which was delicious, and a mini tuna burger (like a slider). To drink, I had a Chicana, a mixture of pisco and ginger ale. It was really fun to hang out and chat with the chefs. Aside from being fun, it’s great Spanish practice.
My Lima days have been filled with work, eating delicious foods, and a working out. I’ve been running alongside the cliffs in the afternoons, which has been really fun. This third picture is a view from the run. Tons of people hang out in the pathway/park area. I’ve also been going to the gym on the top floor of the hotel and watching the olympics because the TV in the gym is pretty awesome.

This evening, I went to a restaurant called Astrid y Gaston, which is extremely well known, especially for foreigners. To get a table, you have to make a reservation weeks in advance. I hadn’t gone there yet because the Peruvians I spoke to recommended other places. Well tonight I walked in and got a seat at the bar. I got the ceviche, of course, and a glass of wine. While the ceviche was great (it was a dish with three different kinds in order to try each one, and all were interesting and tasted great), I thought the menu was a little too euphemistic (i think that’s the word) for my taste. Each item on the menu came with a paragraph with flowery language describing the dish, and the dishes were named things like Dancing evolution of potatoes. I found it a little foofy and ridiculous. This is one of those places where you get a tiny amount of food (maybe with foam on it) for a lot of money. I think I like more rustic foods like at todays lunch place, much simpler and, in my opinion, better value. I wasn’t able to take a picture of the dish because the lighting was weird due to the bar lit from below. The fourth picture was taken of lunch yesterday, it’s of oh so delicate ravioli with goat cheese at Raphael’s, yet another a spectacular experience.

This fifth picture is of the Terraces tennis club that’s right near the hotel.

Lastly, I wanted to mention something cool I came across on the internet that’s kind of relevant to what I do, It’s a travel cost calculator for backpackers! I thought it was really awesome to play around with. I’ve been messaging with the guy that created the web site, and he seems really smart and a great traveller! It’s just in it’s infancy so will likely change and improve, but something cool to check out! Click on Travel Cost Calculator.

It’s been an unbelievable week in Lima, but I’m excited to move on tomorrow night to a new country! See you from Bogota!

Love, Annie


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