working days in Lima

August 8, 2012

Dear Family and Friends.

Today and yesterday have been pretty awesome. Happy birthday to my Dad and Brother!

Yesterday I spent most of the day inside a mall, so that wasn’t the greatest thing to write about, but it was still exciting. Today started out as a frustrating day, but turned out to be awesome. After spending the day working, I had a late meeting and then went to the gym. Then I had a ridiculous dinner at Maido, a Japanese-Peruvian fusion restaurant in Miraflores, a few blocks from the hotel. That first picture is my favorite dish yet. It’s the Guraton roll, recommended by the manager. It’s Ebi furai (shrimp), avocado, cream cheese, chimichurri, and eel sauce. I was able to try a few different things because they allowed me to get half-portions of the dishes. It was a fish-heavy, and very interesting and absolutely delicious meal! I had a few cocktails and now I’m pretty tired. Hope you are well. Love, Annie


One Response to “working days in Lima”

  1. Marlene clayton Says:

    I do not think they use cream cheese in Japan so I assume this sushi is made up to please the Peruvian diner much like crab Rangoon is served in most Chinese places on the East coast. Glad you did not get altitude sickness and having an awesome time Love you

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