Hola Lima!

August 5, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos,

Hope all is well. I arrived in Lima, Peru this afternoon and I’m thrilled to be here. The pictures in this post are from Antofagasta yesterday. The first is from a lunch I had at a fancy hotel. The hotel here in Lima is nicer than expected (it’s very “hip”) and in a great area. The room is smallish, but has a great layout. A big desk along the whole length of one of the walls, an awesome bathroom and shower. The soaps are oatmeal soaps with exfoliating thingies inside the soap… oh boy! The internet is free and SUPER fast. I look forward to my day off tomorrow so I can sleep late and wander around Miraflores, the neighborhood i’m in. I didn’t take any pictures today because it was dark by the time I left the airport. This second picture is of a neighborhood with a bunch of apartments in Antofagasta.

On the flight over to Peru I met a nice guy from New Zealand who is taking some time off work to backpack around South America. We might meet for drinks later in the week and that would be cool! I felt very lucky on the plane ride because I was originally booked for a middle seat in row twelve, and then I asked if they could change and they could! I ended up getting an aisle seat in row ten, the exit row, with massive amounts of leg room. This was great because it was a four hour flight. I fell asleep forward and woke up with some incredible pins and needles.

When I got to the hotel, I had a lot of energy so I unpacked and then went to the gym a little to burn off some energy on one of the nice machines. It’s a small gym but has some very modern treadmills and elliptical machines and bikes. It’s also on the top floor of the hotel and I wanted to go up there and check it out. There’s also a pool and saunas and a bar up there. Then I showered and went to dinner. The third picture is of some ruins taken from the top of the Enjoy Casino and hotel in Antofagasta.

At dinner, I had one of the best things I’ve ever eaten I think in my life. It was an appetizer of tuna ceviche. It was melt in your mouth tuna and it had a spicy sauce on top spiced with local peppers. There are always a lot of onions on ceviche, which is really great to balance out the texture and tastes, and this particular dish was served with banana chips cut the long way. I couldn’t believe my taste buds how delicious it was. They also give you parmesan crisps with olive pieces on them with the bread bowl so that was also awesome. I’m definitely going to get that tuna ceviche again sometime during the week. During dinner I also drank some very delicious Chilean cabernet sauvignon that tasted so fruity. Yum. I thought I was going to explode with joy. This was one of those times I so wish I could have shared with some family and friends!

Love, Annie


2 Responses to “Hola Lima!”

  1. Bubbie marlene Says:

    You did share and thank you. The cerviche sounds great but I would have chosen something else as raw fish highly spiced is not my thing. Have you tried the flan? Thank you for sharing and it does not seem you have altitude sickness so one less thing fore to worry about. Love you

    • annesandwich Says:

      Hi Bubbie! Thanks for the comment! I haven’t tried any Flan! I’ll do that next opportunity. Altitude sickness isn’t a problem here in Lima, it’s on the coast. However it will likely be an issue in Bogota next week! Love you!!

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