aloha Antofagasta

July 29, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

This morning I woke up and took an airplane north to Antofagasta! The plane was LAN Chile and it was a new airbus. Pretty nice! Antofagasta is on the ocean, and it’s in the very dry part of Chile. On one side is the ocean and on the other side is mountainous desert.

After checking in, I walked around the town a bit to get my bearings for my work day tomorrow. It’s not that big. I stayed by the water today but am looking forward to seeing what it’s like more inland. I got to meet a 5 week old puppies that were brothers and watched a rugby competition for a while!

I took the first picture on my walk along the ocean boardwalk. It was nice to walk today because there were tons of people out doing their thing.

The second picture is of the rugby match and the city. In the evening, I had a glass of wine at the hotel bar and watched Olympic lifting.

Love, Annie


One Response to “aloha Antofagasta”

  1. Marlene clayton Says:

    How is the hotel in Antofagasta? Are you feeling better? I have diagnosed your sickness as too much smog in the city so I do hope you are much better now. please tell us more about Antofagasta, is the population all by the sea, are there beaches, what are they known for? Hope your stay there is pleasant and am waiting for your next blog. Love you

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