another nice day!

July 26, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

It will be a short one today because Im getting up very early to go skiing tomorrow 🙂 and need to get to bed. Today I got up and had another successful meeting during which I took a woman out for coffee and alfajores yum yum. After some more work I went to this sandwich place Fuente Alemana that’s pretty famous and Anthony Bourdain went there in his Chile episode of No Reservations. A co worker recommended the Lomo Completo, which you can see in the picture. It was pretty tasty but I still feel funny eating large amounts of pork.

I met a man there Hector and practiced speaking Spanish with him. He said he was a psychologist. I said I was going skiing tomorrow and he said Me too! and I asked where and he said, Valle Nevado, which is where I’m going! I said He has car and do I want to go with him in his car. No way! (jose)! but I may meet him for lunch on the mountain.

After lunch, I worked all afternoon, and sat at the hotel bar and worked more and drank tea with honey and lemon because I think I might be a little sick because my throat hurts especially when I swallow, and i’m abnormally tired and have been getting a little nauseated at points during the day.

For dinner, I tried to go to this place Tiramisu which is also highly recommended.

The concierge said it would be no problem to go there for one person and I didn’t need a reservation. I walked there and noticed there was a big line out the door to get a table, I would have had to wait at least a half hour for the non smoking section.

Usually I don’t care if there’s smoking in a restaurant, especially if it’s ventilated in the proper way as many restaurants are, but I wasn’t up for sitting in a smokey area due to my current health situation. I tried to go to the bar because I could eat there immediately but too smokey. So I left the restaurant and went to a very clean aired seafood place to get some ceviche. It wasn’t too much food but made me full. By the way the second picture is just a cute area I found while walking to the lunch place.

Now I’m drinking hot water with lemon (just like my Bubbie 🙂 ) and am excited to get into bed and catch up on my Drawsome games before sleeping.

Love, Annie


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