Santiago Tres

July 25, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was another great day in Santiago! I got up early for a meeting, leaving plenty of travel time because I didn’t know how far I needed to go. Turns out, the office was five minutes away so I ate another breakfast like yesterdays at the hotel. I took this first picture from the gym on the 20th floor of the hotel when I went to check it out. It’s a small gym but they have some nice equipment.

The first meeting was delightful. The realtor was so kind and was actually from Virginia but has lived in Chile for 40 years! She scared me big time when we talked about earthquakes. Apparently northern Chile is due for a major earthquake. Thats where I’m going on Sunday. They’ve been having “small” tremors like 5 ish on the richter scale and usually tremors precede a big quake. I’ve never experienced an earthquake in my life, even that one last year that went up the east coast of the US. She told me what to do to make sure I’m prepared for an earthquake. For example, make sure you have shoes and a flashlight easily accessible because the power goes out when theres an earthquake (and so does the heat). And you’re supposed to leave the building but only after the earthquake stops so you’ll need to find your shoes in the dark.

After that meeting, I had another meeting with a relocation agent. He picked me up from my hotel and immediately I knew it was going to be a fun time. We saw all the residential neighborhoods which was so interesting, and then went to a very fancy lunch. We ate an appetizer called “only for the brave” which included big shrimps, octopus, fish cubes, and calamares, and other mariscos (seafoods). Then we got Conger (an Ridiculously enormous eel… look it up. I wish I hadn’t seen those google images …) with fries and an egg and onions. The conger tasted just like a white fish. It was Delicious. Apparently this is a typical dish. I had no idea eels could be this big.

After the meeting, I worked for the rest of the afternoon. Come dinnertime, I couldn’t bear the thought of having another rich meal, so I went and got froyo. That second picture is me with my big frozen yogurt with fruit and granola. It was not as good as Boston’s Berryline but still delicious. I’m very happy about the dinner.

That’s all for tonight. Hope all is well. Love, Annie


One Response to “Santiago Tres”

  1. Ronna Says:

    Hey Annie, sounds like you are having a great time so far. I did look up some of those eel pictures. EW…but they look awesome fried! And thanks for telling me about the earthquakes in Northern Chile because I didn’t have enough to worry about. Really appreciate that. Go by a flashlight. LOVE YOU! Mom

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