Salud Santiago!

July 23, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

I’ve successfully made it to Santiago, Chile, the first stop on this survey. I’m happy but feeling pretty useless having not slept since Saturday night. The flight was pretty awful. There were no TVs on the back of the seats (for an eight and a half hour flight) and my seat didn’t recline properly. Yikes. Things have gone smoother since the flight.

After getting organized, showered, and changed, I went out to do some work. For lunch, I had a delicious piece of white fish with avocado and shrimps sauce that I am pretty sure was made with egg yolks. So tasty. And a nice glass of wine to match.

After lunch walk, I came across a bunch of people observing something behind a police barrier. I asked a guy what occurred and he said it’s a bomba. A bomb. Hmm. Apparently it was a suspicious package that the police thought was a bomb and they were inspecting it and trying to detonate it away from people. I walked away from that scene.

Now I’m at the hotel trying to stay awake for just a few more hours. A nap would totally mess up my sleep schedule. Even though it’s almost cocktail hour I might just call it a night and safe the “welcome” pisco sour voucher they gave me when checking in for tomorrow.

There are some Beautiful mountains here right next to the city, but today you can only see the outline. It’s too cloudy (smoggy?) to see them clearly.

Love, Annie



2 Responses to “Salud Santiago!”

  1. Marlene clayton Says:

    Hope you have made up some of your sleep. The city looks nice but be careful, like you would in most large cities. You didn’t say anything about the hotel and I hope you are comfortable there. Looking forward to your next blog. Love you

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