Damai Laut and Working Monday

May 28, 2012

Hello Family and Friends!

Hope all is well. I’m still in Lumut and it’s monday afternoon.

There’s really not much here so I’m getting a little antsy to get back to Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday to shop and eat delicious food and then go home on Friday!

Yesterday, I went to the golf course “Damai Laut” on the hotel’s property because I had to get some peace and quiet from all the little children running around the hotel / resort. I was also a little irritated by one of the recreation men at the because he called me room at about nine in the morning and Woke Me Up to ask if I wanted to do something. I was very annoyed because I really wanted to sleep for hours after that. This guy has been a little too friendly towards me, not in a threatening way, just really irritating.

The golf course was nice. I did some work and then walked around the “lake nine”. They have the hill nine and the lake nine. I’m not sure if I was supposed to walk around the golf course because I’m not a golfer.

I’m doing research so people can afford this golf course… so no one should give me trouble and they should be okay with my scoping it out (really I just wanted some peaceful exercise!)

It was a very pretty view, but I imagined a golf course to be more pristine (like grass perfect, no dirt patches that aren’t supposed to be there) than this was.

This morning, I woke up early and went to a meeting and to a few other outlets before heading to some great Indian food (different restaurant this time) with my driver. We had banana leaf rice and they had a great vegetarian option. We also went to another Chinese temple.

In the afternoon, I hung out in the sun and went swimming at the little beach area by the hotel. Just as my sand castle made out of all “private parts” was taking nice form (you can really do what ever you want when you’re alone!) that annoying guy I described earlier walked over to me so I had to destroy my awesome castle and make a pyramid so he didn’t think i’m a big weirdo.

That’s all! Now i’m going to dinner. Love, Annie

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