Pangkor Island!

May 26, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are having a nice weekend. Today I went to Pangkor Island, a ten minute boat ride from the hotel.

Here I am on the boat. Before the day trip, I had a nice lunch experience. I walked into the restaurant and a couple invited me to eat with them! Nice.

They are newly retired and from Austin, Texas, and have basically been traveling full time. It was great to hear about their travels and to enjoy the company. After lunch I headed to Pangkor island. The boat ride was fun and bumpy.

When I got there, I rented a (very rusty) bike for $5 an hour and rode around the town then up and down the hills toward the beaches area. At one point when I was walking the bike up a hill (the hills are very steep), I nearly stepped on a snake. It was about two feet long (at least) and it’s head was raised in a scary almost going to strike you way. I freaked out and swore at it very loudly.

I stopped at an area where there was a nice beach and people were swimming about a half hour away from the main town, ordered some white wine from the beach restaurant nearby, and then swam and soaked in the ocean until my fingers got super pruney. The water was warm and very fun to be in.

Jellyfish are still an issue, but the guys at the bar said that the  jellyfish near the coast will sting but aren’t dangerous. The dangerous ones are in the middle of the ocean (strait)? Fortunately, I didn’t get bitten.

Love, Annie


2 Responses to “Pangkor Island!”

  1. sounds like a very fun day. Hope your suit dried out enough so that you were not in a wet bathing suit on the ride back, I hate that. Is the couple you met just traveling around or do they now work there. It is almost 2 in the afteroon and very nice and am wondering if anybody will be by for a swim, love you

  2. annesandwich Says:

    Hey Bubbie! Of COURSE I brought a change of clothes for my bike ride. 🙂

    I met these people travelling! They are at the end of a long trip.

    Love you! I’d come for a swim in your pool!

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