Day Trip To Melaka!

May 18, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy Friday. Hope all is well.

Today was a day off, so I took a day trip to historical city Melaka (Malacca).

Melaka was conquered in 1511 by the Portuguese. Then the Dutch came, and then later, the British. It’s on the Strait of Melaka (obviously) where I learned in school there are a lot of pirates. It’s a major shipping passage. I took the bus to Melaka from Kuala Lumpur and it was an extremely pleasant experience. The ride was about two hours, and the bus was nearly empty, and had very large seats.

It was hot and sweaty walking around in the sun all day. In the historical section of Melaka there are a bunch of restaurants and little shops and remnants of forts. There’s a little India that I walked around a little. For lunch, I went to a local restaurant and had rice, some pretty regular tofu dish, and the highlight, eggplant sauteed in chili sauce. I got my brother and sister shirts from the Orangutan store that carries shirts made my famous artist Charles Cham.

Now I have a headache. I get these absolutely debilitating headaches once in a while. I think sometimes they are brought on when I spend too much time in the sun. So i’d like to get in bed and close my eyes. The headache is bad but not as bad as the one I had in Cape Town. I made the good decision not to have a glass of wine this time.

Tomorrow I’m off to Ipoh, I’ll be taking a train that will take approximately two hours. Not saying goodbye to KL yet because I come back here for two nights at the end of the trip (two weeks from now!).

Love, Annie


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