Thursday Thursday in KL

May 17, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope all is well. Today was a great day in Kuala Lumpur, even though I got some sad news this evening. I’d like to say an official good bye to Sophie, who went to dog heaven this morning.

She was fifteen years old. This is pretty sad, but also it’s nice to know my mom told me she was wagging her tail until the very end. We got Sophie when she was a tiny puppy and I was only ten years old. She’s been an awesome member of the family so sweet and loving and a great friend.

One of my favorite things to do was take her on walks in the woods with my siblings. I’ll miss her very much. I imagine she is in a happy place now where she has all of her senses and is able to run around and go swimming and eat at an all you can eat buffet of bananas covered in peanut butter and ice cream.

There are other pictures scattered around this blog! We were so lucky to have Sophie as a part of our family for 15 years! I love you so much sweet heart!

Today was thirsty thursday because I had a lot of nice drinks. Lemon tea, Bubble milk tea with tapioca balls for a snack, and then honey lime tea.

Tomorrow is a day off, and I’m planning to take the bus to Melaka.

Love, Annie


3 Responses to “Thursday Thursday in KL”

  1. Sophie was such a wonderful family pet and I can remember when we all went out to look at the litter and she was so adorable with the same hair color as Melissa, She loved going to New Hampshire and when she was younger staying with me and going to “camp” with Steve. We will all miss her but she had a good life with a wonderful family and her time was up so “thank you Sophie” for sharing your life with us.
    What is in Melaka? Hope you have a good day there, Love you, Bubbie

  2. Karen Says:

    What a sweet tribute! Sophie was a lucky dog to live in the Benjamin home. I think she would have loved bubble milk tea. Karen H.

  3. annesandwich Says:

    Haha yeah Karen she would have liked tapioca! Thanks for reading! We were so lucky to have such a sweet companion for so long. Bubbie, you’re right, Thank you Sophie!

    I’ll let you know what’s in Melaka tonight!

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