Monkeying around in KL

May 16, 2012

Hay Family and Friends,

Today was another great day.

I worked in the morning, and then did a little shopping, and in the afternoon went to the famous Batu Caves. The caves are extremely close to the city, about a twenty minute ride from my hotel. You can read about them here.

While the caves were pretty cool, my favorite thing about the afternoon were the monkeys that hang out on the caves.

In the first picture, a monkey is trying to grab some coconut out of my hand. I picked it up from the ground after another monkey dropped it.

He really grabbed at it. I really enjoyed being able to get so close to the monkeys!

In the second picture, the monkeys are eating some curry.They eat everything. Unfortunately there is a lot of trash around. They spilled it and then the monkey on the right is about to jump down under the spill and catch it as it’s going down the wall. Smart!

I don’t think the monkey in the third picture is smiling. She’s telling me to get away. Those teeth are scary! In conclusion, I think monkeys are totally awesome.

For dinner, I had delicious Indian food spinach and cottage cheese balls.

Love, Annie


2 Responses to “Monkeying around in KL”

  1. Love the blog . You look great going to the mosque and congratulations about getting over snake phobia. Mother’s day was fun and everyone missed you but we had your blog and pictures that we downloaded on my new IPad. Love you so much

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