Sweating it out in Miri

May 5, 2012

Hay Family and Friends,

Today, my first official day off, was pretty awesome! I slept late, put on some working out clothes,

and took a power walk into town to see the sites and find a good brunch.

It was so hot and humid. It took about an hour to get into the city centre (stopping for only the best picture opportunities and to get another bottle of water) The last time I sweat so much was when I did bikram yoga in DC a few years ago. I used a technique from that class: don’t wipe off the sweat because it’s just going to come back. The walk felt great.

On the way to the centre area I walked through Chinatown. I browsed a market I think was in Chinatown. There are some crazy mushrooms (?) in this picture. I didn’t know what half the fruits and vegetables were but that made it cooler. Some of the fruits smelled wonderful.

Some of the dried and fresh fish they were selling didn’t smell as wonderful. I walked a little further and found a great place to eat, Ming Cafe.

I refreshed with a hard cider from the tap (okay, two of them) and ate some Malaysian food, Mee Goreng.Both are visible in the picture. This just means fried noodles in a wok. Here are the words I’ve picked up so far without even trying: Selamat Datang (welcome), mee (noodles), goreng (fried), nasi (rice), tarik (pull – as in the door to open it). I haven’t really been trying that hard with the language because Everyone speaks english. I’ve yet to run into a language barrier issue.

One of the servers hung out and talked with me while I ate. She’s Filipino and has four children. The oldest is 21 and he lives in Bintulu (where I’m going next!).

She told me that I should come back in the night time because there are “people like me” that hang out here and the place is very popular in the evenings. She also told me tomorrow is ladies night and I could meet some girlfriends, and that my hotel has a shuttle service to the restaurant.

I didn’t know that… but will definitely be back.

Happily full and slightly buzzed, I began the walk home. I stopped at the handicrafts market along the way. After I got back, I changed out of my drenched clothes and went to play on the rocks near the water.

I tried to hang out with the huge crabs that were hanging out there but they ran away when I got near them. I wasn’t even able to get them in a picture.

It was nice and breezy down there. Unfortunately, the water was really gross and murky.

The rocks bend around so I followed them to the hotel pool area (probably a half hour of careful walking) where I laid on the couches and read a magazine. After that, I treated myself to a nice massage. It was a deep tissue massage and it was fantastic. They used Island Spice oil.

In the spa I drank some delicious Ginger tea. Now it’s after dinner and I’m ready for bed.

What a great day!

Love, Annie


One Response to “Sweating it out in Miri”

  1. Now THAT is a nice day off!

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