Happy Friday from Miri

May 4, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy Friday from Miri. Today was a working day.

It was pretty frustrating today because one of the malls here is annoyingly complicated and difficult to navigate and also, I was there all day.

This picture I took when I took a little break to go for a walk. It’s so hot though that the walks aren’t that enjoyable but still nicer than being inside. The rest of the afternoon was nice, and I had a tasty greek salad and rice dinner. The greek salad exceeded my expectations. And wine!

I’m exhausted, time to get into bed. Tomorrow I plan to sleep as late as possible and then try to find someone to play Tennis with me.

Love, Annie


One Response to “Happy Friday from Miri”

  1. i think you deserve a massage. not a message, that was not a typo. go for it! hope you find a person for tennis! love you!

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