123 Miri!

May 3, 2012

Hi Family and Friends,

Good evening from Miri, Malaysia! This morning,

I took a hotel taxi across the border from Brunei to Malaysia and here’s a picture of the Welcome Sign. Selamat Datang. The border crossing was remarkably easy and they didn’t even ask why I was going there. Tons of people that live in Brunei frequently go to Miri to Shop. Things are cheaper here.

The hotel is fabulous. It has an enormous pool and a bar! I had a glass of wine this afternoon that made me dizzy.

Here’s a picture of the pool and a sunset and the pool bar. Could be worse! I feel like a princess at this hotel. “How can we make you more comfortable Ms. Anne?”

After getting settled at the hotel, I went out to my first Mall to do some work. The supermarket was a Mad house. It was not the cleanest market but it definitely was big. I bought some smelling amazing (clean, fresh) anti mold and mildew balls to put in my bathroom back in Boston.

They had them at the previous hotel and I was very excited to find them in the market. They look like little candies so hopefully they don’t get eaten.

This third picture is just a scene from outside of the mall. It looked like it was about to rain but it didn’t. I’m surprised at the number of obese people around here. I hardly saw any overweight people in Brunei and here there are some really large people.

This last picture I took at one part of the border crossing this morning. Sorry that these pictures are not in chronological order At all.

I finished my book at breakfast today, The Paris Wife. I loved it. I’m wondering if anyone has a great book recommendation Please send it my way. Hopefully you are doing well and have a happy Thursday.

Love, Annie


2 Responses to “123 Miri!”

  1. Bubbie marlene Says:

    Loved your post. Glad the hotel recognizes a princess when they see one so enjoy. Good book is “gift of rain” tan twan eng is the author I think you would enjoy it try the sample. Love you

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